African Safari Wildlife Park

African Safari Wildlife ParkYou love animals, and you’ve always wanted to go on a safari. If you’re not able to get to Africa any time soon, you may want to consider the African Safari Wildlife Park right here in the U.S. Here are a few details about the park, as well as hotel accommodations that you and your family can take advantage of. The African Safari Wildlife Park is located in Clinton, Ohio, and is home to hundreds of rare animals. Some of the animal species are endangered, so park employees do everything they can in order to keep all the animals healthy and thriving. Species you can witness at the park include the Alpaca, which is similar to a llama, the White Zebra, which has no stripes, and the giraffe, and the giant eland, which is a rare antelope that you probably won’t see anywhere else. The park expects to have about 200 births this year, which means that animals that are endangered may have a chance to reestablish their species. You’ll also be able to see camels at African Safar Wildlife Park; both two-humped and one-humped camels live in the park, and you can even ride a camel during your tour of the park for no additional charge. Camels will allow you to take photos of them without a problem, so you’re sure to get some great pictures to add to your album. You can also feed the camels and other animals, since one free bucket of food will be available for you at the start of your tour. If you want to know more about what you and your family can do to conserve the environment and give animals a better place to live, you’ll definitely want to check out the Educational Animal Show that the African Safari Wildlife Park has to offer. It will give you information about the role of the animal keepers in the part, and will let you know about global conservation efforts that you can donate to. Your children will also get the chance to learn more about their favorite animals during the show, or to be exposed to species they may have never heard of before. If you’re going to be visiting the African Safari Wildlife Park all day, you’ll definitely want to stop by the Safari Grill to order lunch for the family. Favorites, like hot dogs and burgers, are available, as well as nachos and ice cream for dessert. Of course, you can also purchase a vegetarian lunch of grilled cheese and fries, or get a great soft pretzel for a snack.