African Safari Wildlife

African Safari WildlifeNow that you’ve decided to go on your African safari, you’ll want to know just what type of animals you’re going to see. While you may know the basic animals that make up African safari wildlife, finding out about basic types and knowing a little about the species before your trip will definitely make the safari more meaningful. Here are a few examples, as well as some resources that will help you to find out more. One of the animals that everyone wants to see on a safari is the lion. Lions usually travel in prides, and in places like Tanzania, they live on the floor of the volcanic caldera. Male lions are especially hard to photograph, especially when they are moving quickly, and they sleep for about 20 hours every day! Female lions are often easy to spot and take pictures of, since you may see them hunting for food or caring for their young. Giraffes are another common part of African safari wildlife, and you may see the animals ‘necking’ which is a way that two ‘bulls’ or male giraffes fight over a female. The fighting is especially gentle, as giraffes can be mild mannered, and it is likely that you will encounter young members of the species during the safari as well. There is also a number of African safari wildlife that migrates and graze in the sunset, which will make for some beautiful pictures while you’re on the safari. If you’re going to be visiting Kenya, you’ll definitely want to photograph the wildebeest on the Masai Mara National Reserve. Antelopes and gazelle will most likely be in the area during sunset as well, and watching large groups of these animals move from one part of the continent to another is truly a sight to behold. Of course, everyone wants to see elephants as well, and you’ll definitely see this part of African safari wildlife no matter where you are on the continent. You’ll get the chance to see these large animals relaxing in the shade, bathing their young, and getting drinks of water, and the elephants travel in packs as well, so you’ll get to watch them travel across the plain so that you can take pictures you’ll remember forever. Some of the elephants may even get close to the safari jeep you’re in, which will make for a great picture. If you want to know more about African safari wildlife before you reach your destination, you can check out sites like to get detailed information on each of the animals you’ll see, as well as the parts of the continent each of the animals is from.