African Safaris

African SafarisYou and your family are finally going to Africa, and you want to know how you can arrange to go on a safari that will be both fun and educational. There are plenty of African safaris that you can choose from depending on which area of the continent you’ll be staying in, so here are a few suggestions that could help you to make the most of your trip. If you’re going to be in or near Botswana, you will definitely want to book African safaris near the Okavango Delta so that you can view river game in their natural habitat. There are also beautiful resorts and safari lodges that you can stay in while you’re there, and some of them are near lakes and plains that are close to beautiful, exotic animals. A trip to South Africa will give you the option of visiting Cape Town or Kruger Park, both of which are national landmarks that house some of the world’s most beautiful creatures. The Garden Route is also in South Africa, and is home to a beautiful coastline and mountains as well as wildlife and plant life that you won’t find anywhere else. A visit to Kenya will also give you plenty of great options when it comes to African safaris. The Masai Mara safari will teach you more about the Masai people, a group of nomad herders from the area that still live in the plains. You’ll also get the chance to see Mt. Kenya, as well as the beautiful lakes that the animals bathe in. The areas near the mountains also have wonderful produce for you to enjoy, including the world’s third largest pineapple supply; you’ll also get the chance to visit Karatina, a market filled with exotic fruits, vegetables, and meals that you’ll never forget. A trip to Tanzania will take you on African safaris that include exotic birds like flamingo that travel to the area during migration. You’ll also be able to see elephants bathing in the river, and you’ll stay in some of the finest hotels and lodges that the area has to offer. So, where you can book your trip and start planning the African safaris of your dreams? One of the best places to visit is You’ll find descriptions of each of the countries in Africa that have great safari options, and you’ll get detailed information on the best places to stay while you’re in the area. You may also want to check out for wonderful recommendations for specialty tours and explorer trails that you and your family will enjoy. Prices per person for the safari are listed, and you’ll find out more about international flight rates as well. Happy travels!