East African Safaris

East African SafarisIf you’re planning a trip to Africa soon, you’ll definitely want to plan a safari if you want to learn more about exotic wildlife and enjoy the great resorts that the continent has to offer. An East African safari may prove to be a great tour for you or your family, so here are a few ideas that you may want to consider while you’re planning your vacation.One of the best places to visit for your East African safari is Tanzania. This country is beautiful, and has plush plant life and exotic wildlife that is absolutely breathtaking. You can plan a personal Tanzania safari for yourself or your tour group by speaking with the tour operator and expressing your interest in visiting certain national parks of game reserves. Safaris include trips to the Ngorongoro Crater, which is a national park that has some of Africa’s rarest birds and mammals. On the tour, you’ll also travel to Lake Manyara, which is home to flamingos and species of frogs and fish that you won’t see anywhere else. After visiting the lake, your tour guide will take you to Arusha, which is the area for the game drive that allows you to see zebra, elephant, and antelope up close from the safari jeep.Rwanda can be the location of another East African safari that you may want to consider. In addition to great wildlife, you’ll see volcanoes covered in bamboo when you visit the country, and you’ll see a number of gorillas during your safari tour as well–you can even arrange to take a gorilla tour. If you want to see exotic birds during the safari, you’ll definitely want to visit Lake Nakuru while you’re in Rwanda. Millions of flamingos migrate there in January and February, and you’re likely to see other types of rare and colorful birds there as well. Visiting the Serengeti may also be a great tour for you and your family; when it rains in November, the wildebeest migration starts, so you’ll start to see the mass movement, as well as the natural order of things for a number of animals’ species that live in the area. You may also want to visit the luxurious Zanzibar, which is particularly beautiful in the summer and fall months. As you’re booking your trip, be sure to find out all you can about the best things to bring on an East African safari, and read up on the animals and plant life that you’ll be witnessing there. Finding out more about the people in the area will make it easier for you to get around as well. You can find great books on sites like www.amazon.com and www.bn.com that will offer helpful tips to keep you safe and informed during your entire trip. Happy traveling!