Best African Safaris

Best African SafarisWhenever you think about the very best African safaris one has to make a decison about precisely what it is they desire to see and visit. Keep in mind, this is a massive continent with numerous countries and a somewhat volatile political landscape. Here in this post, we’ll highlight a few of the far more well-known African safari trips you could take into account including fauna, flora and landscape attractions.African Lion SafariWhen it comes to Africa’s fauna, the lion appears head and shoulders as the most popular and photographed animal. Without any doubt he’s the king of the jungle and deserves his high rating. An African lion safari might take you to South Africa’s Kruger National Park or Kenya’s Masai Mara. It could take you to the Serengeti plains in Tanzania or Namibia’s Etosha National Park. All are superb destinations to see the African lion in it’s natural environment.African Walking SafariFor the extra energetic, an African walking safari can be the trip of a lifetime and high on the list of the most effective African safaris. Well organized excursions are readily available in numerous countries however, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Botswana are considered four of the very best alternatives. South Africa has two primary walking safari places in the Ngala and Phinda private reserves and are exceptional options. Botswana offers tremendous variety and is perfect for both fauna and flora lovers whilst Zimbabwe and Zambia are second to none in the organizational limits of a walking safari.African Beach HolidaysNot many would take into account a beach holiday on an African safari list but you greater believe that some of the world’s ideal beaches are located on this mighty continent. South Africa is superior on the record of beach destinations while Kenya and Tanzania are not too far behind. What about Tunisia or even the Seychelles. We’ve only touched the surface and it is very conceivable you could travel to any beach location in Africa and forget about the animals and landscape. Nevertheless, for a real African safari, give thought to merging both the natural inland scenery and the coast line.Riding SafariElegant seeing Africa on the back of a beast? Yes, the horse is one of them but how about an elephant or a camel? Elephant safaris are turning into particularly well-liked and very easily rate as one of the very best African safaris. You’ll get the opportunity to devote a day with one of the earth’s preferred beasts and also the opportunity to develop a relationship with them. Elephant safaris are not just about seeing the country from on top of these magnificent animals but also obtaining to know them. Need The most effective suggestions and tricks in preparing for an African safari vacation? Do not ruin your African safari trip by being  not prepared.

The Adventure of an African Hunting Safari

The Adventure of an African Hunting SafariMany people today love the notion of going on an African hunting safari and feeling the cool African air as they cruise via the jungle. The thought of it is sufficient to create vacation dreams for quite a few North Americans, yet translating those dreams to reality may be just a little bit complicated. Regardless, that doesn’t stop persons from dreaming away about riding on the back of an elephant and enjoying the organization of some locals just before watching a lion chomp down on its prey. The adventure and majesty of Africa certainly comes alive during a great safari trip.The expression “safari” basically refers to an overland journey. This term has been utilized to generally refer to visitors in Africa, even though it has no actual geographical connotation. There’s also a particular thematic element attached to the term, drawing upon visions of khaki clothing along with a specific type of hat. Regardless of the stereotypical connotations of the term “safari”, the term still calls upon some adventurous notions that quite a few people today desire to discover for themselves. The initial term was a reference to the early big game hunters who frequented African. Men, ordinarily of European descent, would head to Africa to bask in its glory and to partake in the lay of the land. In the course of this trip, the men would gather in hunting parties and hunt down a variety of rare animals. They would take trophies for themselves and display them on walls back home, as was the custom. It became a variable rite of passage for quite a few men inside the higher echelon of European culture, maintaining a status grip over those persons for quite a couple of years just before hunting became unfashionable. These instances frequently depict a brutal passage of time in the history of Africa. The notion was that Africa was a piece of property that belonged to Europe and, for that reason, the animals on it also belonged to Europe. The historical significance of these safaris typically carried deep-seeded notions of control and power to the extent of slavery over the continent, enabling Europeans to virtually rape and pillage the land at their leisure. To this day, that history plagues numerous Africans. Now, the word “safari” refers to taking a photo safari. As opposed to shooting animals with bullets and keeping the heads mounted on the hearth, individuals are taking pictures and putting together numerous photo displays of the magical animals they’ve seen although on safari inside the gorgeous continent. These photo safaris are becoming incredibly preferred with persons of all ages that wish to have the experience of a lifetime taking within the wilderness and grandeur of the extraordinary continent of Africa. Safari parks are rather prevalent in North America to draw upon the distinction of the African safari. This is really a zoo-like tourist attraction that creates an environment where men and women can observe all sorts of exotic animals from a safe vantage point. The safari park is generally walked by means of or ridden by way of in a vehicle that would be driven by a guide. The guide describes the animals which are seen and provides a historical context for the park, giving tourists and guests a complete tour of the park and engaging them in knowledgeable conversation. The game reserves in Africa tend to be a whole lot larger than a safari park, though. For this reason, most men and women still wish to head to Africa to see the magic of nature for themselves in as natural a setting as achievable. Within the confines of a game reserve or a safari park, folks are engaged with the pure wonder of seeing such incredible animals like the lion or giraffe. As long as such areas are able to protect some of these animals, folks will be able to participate in photo safaris for a lot of years to come. The love of animals, exotic and domestic, may perhaps well be the greatest ally to the protection of numerous species threatened with extinction.  

How To Choose Men’s Clothing For An African Safari

How To Choose Men's Clothing For An African SafariPacking men’s clothes to have an African safari is really a very light affair. You would think that when packing for Africa, a worldwide trip, you should need anything that was used with the great white hunters from the Tarzan movies. In fact, it’s not the truth in any way. You might be in most cases only allowed 25 pounds of luggage on the safari, so packing light is important. Men usually like to wear identical clothes for a few days while you’re on safari. It offers something connected with the Tarzan syndrome. Consider packing very littleclothing when packing men’s clothes on an African safari. Items Men’s clothes for an African safari should be light colors. The design of course can be in the fashion of the hunters in the Tarzan movies, not Tarzan himself. It’s sizzling hot in Africa, so shorts are the recommended britches of preference. It is possible to get a set of two “everything proof” shorts. Contrary to popular belief you’ll find water-resistant, wrinkle-proof, stain-proof and rip-proof shorts. These shorts are set for Africa and should be part of men’s clothes for your African safari. Plus if you are a clumsy eater, your beverage will just roll from you when you spill. Should you like the clothes that you have within your current wardrobe, then choose clothes that may manage well. Choose men’s clothes on your African safari which are comfortable and lightweight. Make sure the clothing can protect you from the intense sunlight and malaria carrying mosquitoes. There is usually a laundry service on the safari. When you throw your undies, socks and shorts in a laundry basket, they may usually be anticipating you, folded and tidy on your bed right at the end for the day. One set of footwear is actually all you have to. Safari camps are certainly not very formal so men’s clothes for your African safari ought to include one pair of good water-resistant hiking boots. You will never know when you are going to be walking through pools and lagoons in Africa. Men’s clothes with the African safari must not be anything too flashy. Usually do not wear bright yellows or wild patterns. Probable disappointment to become a meal waiting to be eaten. The light fleece jacket during the night is useful for the cooler evenings. And definitely keep in mind your Buzz Off clothing. It is vital that men’s clothing with regards to African safari have to include one Buzz Off hat and Buzz Off shorts, shirt and socks. Mosquitoes are classified as the real menace on African safaris, not the wildlife. Buzz-Off clothing could be the only clothing you ever must upgrade on an African safari. The real critters will always be away and you will enjoy your safari of wild animals.

African Safari In Kenya- Lake Nakuru National Park

African Safari In Kenya- Lake Nakuru National ParkLake Nakuru National Park in Kenya was established in 1961, and contains grown from precisely the lake and also the mountains around to now incorporate a lot of the savannas. Because of this the quantity of wildlife to look at has increased enormously, making Nakuru a really worthwhile part of any African safari trip. It is at an altitude of 5700 ft, and covers an area of more than 188 sq. Kilometers. Its height above sea level alone ensures that the vegetation and wildlife are considerably distinct from say at Tsavo which is mainly dramatically at lower sea level. The lake itself is shallow and alkaline, and varies in size from 5 to 30 square kms based on the season of the year. It is the alkaline nature of Lake Nakuru that triggers the enormous amounts of visitors each year. It is no exaggeration to state that one species over any other makes the lake famous all over the world Lake Nakuru is better famous for the enormous stunning flocks of Flamingo, and then for many this is the highlight with their Kenya safari holiday, but there’s a lot more to see around the block than the pink Flamingos. The differing environments from the lake itself to wooded and bush grassland, to rocky escarpments and ridges means a terrific diversity of wildlife. Hippo certainly ca be spotted inside the lake together with 400 other species of birds, and so on the shore, water-buck, zebra, black and white rhinos, buffalo, leopard, lion, Rothschild’s giraffe, warthog, to call just some, plus large python snakes. The Lake Nakuru National Park may be the only completely fenced national park in Kenya, and it is easily accessed by tarmac road from Nairobi, and Naisha airstrip during the dry season. It really is fenced to maintain out poachers therefore , the protected rhino population is growing.

Serengeti – Enjoy Game Drives And African Safaris

Serengeti - Enjoy Game Drives And African SafarisThe 14,800 sq km in the Serengeti just appears to roll all night and so on. The very first sight on this natural wonderland is breathtaking. Featuring its blend of plains, riverine forest and thorn scrub, Serengeti remains just about the most fascinating locations on this planet to look at wildlife. The Serengeti’s smoothly undulating grasslands are pierced time and again by timber that camouflage the creatures that roam and dwell within this never-ending expanse. The Serengeti is usually adorned with granite inselbergs generally known as ‘Kopje’ scattered throughout the landscape In fact the name Serengeti originates from the make up the Maasai word ‘siringit’ meaning the place where the land really is limitless. When at the Serengeti one says goodbye to civilisation as you may know it and enters the territory where there won’t be footpaths but only furrowed trails spawned by generations of migrating wildebeest, the place that the Lion is the undisputed de facto king, elephants trumpet because they uproot whole trees, the hacksaw cough of an prowling leopard echoes inside near distance and Maasai making use of their cherry shukas and gleaming spears herd their livestock and share this wild meadowlands with zebra, Cheetahs and Buffalo. Over the great migration around end of June, the yellowish green plains turn black as hordes of Wildebeest march unrelentingly to the Kenyan border, destination Maasai Mara to the plush vegetation. The Wildebeest, Zebra and Thompson Gazelle begin the journey time for the Serengeti around November if the succulent grasslands from the Maasai Mara are already exhausted. Between May and October the oceans of grass inside Serengeti are teeming with wildlife. Impala, Warthogs, Gazelles, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Caracal Giraffes, Coke’s hartebeest, Hyena, Wild dog, Jackal, Elephant, Hippo, Eland, Monkeys and Ostrich can all be spotted inside Serengeti. As for birdwatchers birds like Raptors, Eagles, Ruppell’s Griffon Vultures, Hawks and Harrier among other birds dash around the Serengeti. If you’re adventurous you’ll be able to create a game drive towards the secluded Salei plains which can be often known as cheetah country. A safari inside the Serengeti is a perfect solution to view wildlife and breathtaking sceneries. There are several resorts which will guarantee your utmost comfort by pampering you when you  in the African wilderness.  Faru Faru River Lodgeis erected on a smoothly inclined hill overlooking the Grumeti River, where wildlife assembles all through the entire year. Faru Faru affords guests the occasion to see an exciting safari emerge a throwback Colonial safari camp. You’ll find large windows where guests can take notice of the animals because they go to quench their thirst and take pictures too. The camp has tasty cuisine and cocktails are served on the lush gardens that neglect the waterholes in the camp where animals arrived at stay hydrated.  Sasakwa Lodgeis perched on a hill on the undulating grasslands on the Serengeti. The lodge has explorer/colonial like architecture and deco that will throw one to their early 2oth Century. The lodge has a breathtaking view of the Serengeti plains. The lodge has 7 chalets. Each Chalet is defined on private and well manicured garden that has a heated plunge pool. Each en suite Chalet features a private lounge embellished with antiques and spacious bedroom. The cuisine is usually a targets on traditional foods which might be delicately prepared and presented on lovely porcelain within an elegant dining area. In afternoon the gorgeous garden room plays host to your tea savouring session at dusk it’s the turn in the sophisticated bar to host cocktail sessions. Game drives and walks can be organised because of the staff.  Serengeti Serena Safari LodgeThe camp is perched with a hill and as a result is boasts of a good panorama into the through the extensive grasslands. It’s famed because discover the fantastic migration.  Serengeti Sopa LodgeSerengeti Sopa lodge is found the Nyarboro Hills from the south west from the Serengeti National Park, which is the one tourism rise in it on the Park. Its an elegant secluded Lodge in places you will love unparalleled privacy and top service.  Klein’s CampThe camp consists of 10 cosy en suite chalets created from local rock and thatch with wooden floors and classic interiors. This camp is situated for the periphery from the Kuka Hills. The camp has breathtaking views on the Valley below.  

Luxury African Safari At The Camp In The Masai Mara

Luxury African Safari At The Camp In The Masai MaraWhy not have a luxury Africa Safari for the Mara Explorer Camp, situated on a thickly forested bend with the Talek River in the middle of the Masai Mara Reserve. It really is for the confluence from the Reserve’s four main rivers, so that you will be in the best possible postion to look at the incredible wildebeest migration between June and September. This is actually the place to start your Masai Mara Kenya Safari.Your In Kenya Safari will start quickly here a result of the all weather airstrip meaning you might be in your Masai Mara safari less than an hour or so after touching down at Nairobi airport. An incredible place to start your luxury Africa Safari with this exclusive camp with only ten luxurious tents which are well spaced out each that has a veranda overlooking the river. You will discover seven tents with double beds, the rest are twin, but each tent incorporates a luxurious bathroom. Not only this, the furnishings inside the tents are genuine ‘old colonial Africa’ with wooden chests, trunks, prints etc. The great thing coming from all will be the way the tents start to the sky, then there is a private prepared to take the weather bath, so that you can sit and watch elephants and giraffes drinking from a bath or obviously the veranda!! It’s worth remembering how the two-way radio inside your tent can there be,if for reasons unknown you wish to leave your tent in the evening you will have to involve an escort. With the visitors it’s the home with the wildlife, they’ve right of way, and also the aren’t going to be friendly!! Any luxury Africa safari must include great food, and the Mara Explorer certainly has that. Your little friend canvas covered dining area looks straight out over the river, plus the vegetables and herbs come straight from the camp gardens. If you wish it is possible to eat all on your own veranda, or at one among quite a few carefully chosen sites from the bush near by. Near the dining area could be the camp bar with again beautiful river views, then there is a highly stocked library. there is a very comfortable lounge also, again with great river viewing. Hassle-free the Mara Explorer Camp you’ll be capable of easily do private game drives with expert local guides. Walking safaris in the Mara conservation area. Riverside bush breakfasts, sundowners and dinners. Heat balloon safaris, and Lake Victoria fishing safaris. Mara Explorer only attracts children over eighteen years old, this also is actually a wonderful place to begin or end your luxury African Safari

Fantastic South African Safaris

Fantastic South African SafarisOh the gorgeous South Africa. Endowed with prosperous tapestry of tradition, vast lands, unequaled safaris…South Africa is genuinely a place for one particular individual who wants to reconnect with nature.South African safaris are dwelling to vast spectrum of animal species like the celebrated group of five: the buffalo, rhino, lion, elephant and leopard. They were not named so mainly because they’ve gained fantastic recognition but because they generally give the knowledge of witnessing the dance of life occurring in sight of travelers. They are the hunters that give fright to their preys. Thus, pleasure for their viewers. Sport viewing, as this exercise is known as, is typically accomplished with walking safari. However, resulting from the increase in popularity of canoeing, horseback riding and camel safaris walking gets to be just one of a tourist’ choice. It is constructed specially for your hardy souls even though and for the physically suit. A standard walking safari is composed of 8 to 12 individuals aged 12 to 60. This lasts for 3 days and two nights. With other modes of recreation viewing however, one needs to be in company of a information. The flagship of all South African safaris would be the Kruger National Park creation of Paul Kruger, the president of Transvaal Republic in 1898. His superior vision sparked the thought of generating wildlife sanctuaries and preservation regions to let nature carry on expanding at her very own price. With the Kruger Nationwide Park, South Africa is genuinely unrivaled in its immense sources. The large 5 apart, South African harbors several of animal world’s most interesting games including the wild canines, cheetahs, spotted hyenas, warthog, an array of antelope species and jackals, hippos, and zebras. Kruger Park is also a dwelling for some 500 species of birds and 140 species of mammals. With its 20, 000 sq. km land location of unspoilt land, Kruger provides site visitors not only its animal assets but also its huge spectrum of plant species.South Africa safaris are not only made well-known by the Kruger Nationwide Park, in addition they positioned their names in best African destination as a result of the fame with the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park- a single with the biggest wildlife conservation locations on earth. It isn’t for that fainthearted though. This can be the sight for that distinguished black-maned Kalahari lions coupled with other animal species like bat-eared foxes, blue wildebeest, gemsbok, and the likes. Though on South African safaris, by no means forget to get some photographs of wildlife with you. Capture them in photos when you can. Animals including those who thrive in nature pass only after. It could be wise if you can have a token of remembrance from them.  

African Safari is Inexpensive For You

African Safari is Inexpensive For YouAn African Safari is the vacation of a lifetime. Make sure your tour company wisely for there is much difference between the operators. Are you looking for a good price? Ask a travel agent to keep an eye out for African Safari specials to find exclusive tours at unbeatable prices. Or if you have some extra time, surfing the internet for a few weeks before booking so you get a good idea of the tours offered. Safari, with the exception of airfare is not more expensive than other guided tours unless you take the luxury option, and it’s bound to be an unforgettable vacation. Safaris to the Kruger Park, which is roughly the size of a small country, is always popular. This area of Africa has seen human habitation for almost 40,000 years. Indigenous peoples lived in balance with the local game, but after the Europeans arrived and began searching for trophies, game populations declined drastically because of uncontrolled slaughter despite hunting laws were introduced into South Africa in 1858. The area was first protected in 1989, just before the Boer War, after a campaign of Paul Kruger to determine the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve between and Crocodile rivers. The Boer War ended in 1902, was James Stevenson-Hamilton was appointed warden of the Sabi Game Reserve, and formal protection and rehabilitation of wildlife populations are reduced. Stevenson-Hamilton was determined to protect the area permanently by making it a national park. After much lobbying, he succeeded. The national parks act was adopted in 1926 and Sabi and Singwitsi reserves (by then Transvaal Game Reserve), the Kruger National Park. It took a few years before visitors discovered in the park. In 1927 ventured all three tourist vehicles in the park, bringing in an income of three pounds. In 1930 there were 900 vehicles roaming on 500 km of new roads in the park, and staying in huts and tents which can be up to 700 people. Stevenson-Hamilton was an outdoorsman who disliked the luxurious facilities, and he tried to maintain a rustic atmosphere. But when he left, residents were upgraded and the park became a famous destination for tourists from around the world. In 1955, visitors flocked to the park in numbers more than 10,000 per year, prompted an extensive development of roads and tourist facilities along the fence of the park boundaries. During peak holiday periods such as Christmas, Easter and July can be pretty crowded park. There are now a daily limit on the number of visitors, so if you’re traveling during peak season, book well in advance. Adjacent to Kruger on its western border are a number of private game reserves, including the Sabi Sand, Timbavati and Manyeleti. Kruger Park Safaris offers a large variety and abundance of wildlife and a wide range of safari experiences. You’ll never be able to see the whole park in just one tour. Tented safari includes everything from walking safaris and self drive safaris to ultra-luxury fly-in safaris. Kruger Park has hundreds of lodges for different tastes and budgets. The Kruger Park is a year-round destination, but it is a seasonal difference in climate. The dry season (winter) is usually between May and August, although decreasing rainfall begins in April and is still fairly low in September and October. This is the best season to watch the game, as a permanent waterholes attract animals, the vegetation thinned out, and trees have fewer leaves to obstruct the view. Winter warm days and cool nights. The average maximum temperature is around 24 degrees in winter, and the average minimum is about 8 or 9 degrees, although it could drop as much as five degrees. It is important to bring a warm jacket for early morning and evening game rides. The wet season (summer), is from November to March. This is when the Kruger Park gets most of its precipitation, usually in dramatic afternoon thunderstorms. The weather is warm and mild weather, with an average maximum temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius, with an average minimum temperature of 20 degrees. Summer grass and leaves are lush and green, and while it makes for beautiful scenery, it can also make game viewing difficult. The animals no longer concentrate around the waterhole because it is now common water sources. For bird watchers wet season is the perfect time to visit Kruger Park, because that is when migratory birds arrive, and when all the local birds are most active. Makuleke The region of the park is known for its many species of birds, and visitors can exotic specimens to see, Scarlet-chested sunbirds, Broadbilled Rollers, redhead Weavers, Wattle-eyed flycatchers and owls such as the Pels Fishing Owl, the Scope , Whitefaced, Pearl-spotted and Giant Eagle Owls. The wet season is also the best time to see baby animals, like most animals calve at the beginning of the rainy season, to take advantage of the lush pastures. Luxury resorts in and around the Kruger Park is not cheap, but offers services such as massage, reflexology, and room service for guests who like to keep within the limits of civilization and have a chance to take day trips and see the game. Overland Safaris in a tour group is the most economical way to see the Kruger Park. These group tours are a great way to meet like-minded eco-tourists and enjoy a real outdoor experience. Both camping and hotel availability. The bush people of the Kruger Park can be experienced at hiking. These tours take place in parts of the region is not accessible to vehicles, including the spectacular Lanner Gorge.    

African Safaris

African SafarisYou and your family are finally going to Africa, and you want to know how you can arrange to go on a safari that will be both fun and educational. There are plenty of African safaris that you can choose from depending on which area of the continent you’ll be staying in, so here are a few suggestions that could help you to make the most of your trip. If you’re going to be in or near Botswana, you will definitely want to book African safaris near the Okavango Delta so that you can view river game in their natural habitat. There are also beautiful resorts and safari lodges that you can stay in while you’re there, and some of them are near lakes and plains that are close to beautiful, exotic animals. A trip to South Africa will give you the option of visiting Cape Town or Kruger Park, both of which are national landmarks that house some of the world’s most beautiful creatures. The Garden Route is also in South Africa, and is home to a beautiful coastline and mountains as well as wildlife and plant life that you won’t find anywhere else. A visit to Kenya will also give you plenty of great options when it comes to African safaris. The Masai Mara safari will teach you more about the Masai people, a group of nomad herders from the area that still live in the plains. You’ll also get the chance to see Mt. Kenya, as well as the beautiful lakes that the animals bathe in. The areas near the mountains also have wonderful produce for you to enjoy, including the world’s third largest pineapple supply; you’ll also get the chance to visit Karatina, a market filled with exotic fruits, vegetables, and meals that you’ll never forget. A trip to Tanzania will take you on African safaris that include exotic birds like flamingo that travel to the area during migration. You’ll also be able to see elephants bathing in the river, and you’ll stay in some of the finest hotels and lodges that the area has to offer. So, where you can book your trip and start planning the African safaris of your dreams? One of the best places to visit is You’ll find descriptions of each of the countries in Africa that have great safari options, and you’ll get detailed information on the best places to stay while you’re in the area. You may also want to check out for wonderful recommendations for specialty tours and explorer trails that you and your family will enjoy. Prices per person for the safari are listed, and you’ll find out more about international flight rates as well. Happy travels!

African Safari Wildlife

African Safari WildlifeNow that you’ve decided to go on your African safari, you’ll want to know just what type of animals you’re going to see. While you may know the basic animals that make up African safari wildlife, finding out about basic types and knowing a little about the species before your trip will definitely make the safari more meaningful. Here are a few examples, as well as some resources that will help you to find out more. One of the animals that everyone wants to see on a safari is the lion. Lions usually travel in prides, and in places like Tanzania, they live on the floor of the volcanic caldera. Male lions are especially hard to photograph, especially when they are moving quickly, and they sleep for about 20 hours every day! Female lions are often easy to spot and take pictures of, since you may see them hunting for food or caring for their young. Giraffes are another common part of African safari wildlife, and you may see the animals ‘necking’ which is a way that two ‘bulls’ or male giraffes fight over a female. The fighting is especially gentle, as giraffes can be mild mannered, and it is likely that you will encounter young members of the species during the safari as well. There is also a number of African safari wildlife that migrates and graze in the sunset, which will make for some beautiful pictures while you’re on the safari. If you’re going to be visiting Kenya, you’ll definitely want to photograph the wildebeest on the Masai Mara National Reserve. Antelopes and gazelle will most likely be in the area during sunset as well, and watching large groups of these animals move from one part of the continent to another is truly a sight to behold. Of course, everyone wants to see elephants as well, and you’ll definitely see this part of African safari wildlife no matter where you are on the continent. You’ll get the chance to see these large animals relaxing in the shade, bathing their young, and getting drinks of water, and the elephants travel in packs as well, so you’ll get to watch them travel across the plain so that you can take pictures you’ll remember forever. Some of the elephants may even get close to the safari jeep you’re in, which will make for a great picture. If you want to know more about African safari wildlife before you reach your destination, you can check out sites like to get detailed information on each of the animals you’ll see, as well as the parts of the continent each of the animals is from.