South African Safari

South African SafariSouth Africa is home to rich cultural history, as well as beautiful animals and plants that people from all over the world travel to see. The area is at the very bottom of the African continent, and is home to great diversity and beauty in every way. If you’re planning a trip to Africa soon, you’ll definitely want to consider a South African safari to make a part of your trip. Here are a few places you’ll want to visit during your safari, as well as the best resources for finding great prices on safari packages. One of the best places to visit for South African safaris is Kruger National Park. This site features lion prides, as well as elephant herds and giraffes, and you’ll be able to see these animals interacting with each other again the backdrop of a beautiful African sunset on the savannah, in the forest, or on the river. There are plenty of great places to stay when you visit the national park as well, as such as the 1933 at Lion Sands, which is a safari lodge that is right on the banks of the Sabie River, so you’ll be able to see the lion prides up close. Or, you may want to stay at the Arathusa Safari Lodge, which is considerably smaller and quaint, but has resident hippos! You may also want to think about South African safaris in Drakensberg, which is a beautiful mountain range that is home to Mount Kilimanjaro. Drakensberg Park, which is recently been named a World Heritage site, is home to a number of wild animals and plants that you won’t find anywhere in the world; the geological formations at the park or over 200 million years old, and are still as beautiful and breathtaking as ever. There are a number of great places to stay in the area as well, such as the Cathedral Peak Hotel, which is a beautiful resort with a number of outdoor activities, located t the foot of the mountains. Or, you may want to check out the Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse, which is a quaint guest house in the area that will make you feel right at home. When you’re looking for the best places to book your South African safari with, you should consider the experience that the travel agency or tour guide group has with safaris, so you’ll know you’ll be getting accurate information while you’re touring. It may also be a good idea to book a hotel or resort that is in a remote location, so that you can enjoy the wildlife without the hustle and bustle of the city (if you’re trying to get away from it all).